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    Name: - McKinley Katherine
    Birthdate: - Tuesday, April 8 2003
    Age: - 15 years, 3 months, 11 days
  • Favorite Pet: Buoy
  • Favorite Activity: Hula Hooping, Playing With Her BFFs & Being Chased By Buoy
  • Favorite Color: Her Signature color...Pink (of course)

News Journal

(Friday, April 17 2009)

McKinley is now playing Tee Ball and loving it. We haven''t had the first game yet....but boy she''s ready. She''s lost 2 teeth and I''m sure more will "fall" out soon. She''s very happy and is enjoying herself everyday!

(Wednesday, November 19 2008)

Here we are...about to enter the "holiday season" again. McKinley is breezing through her first year of school. She loves it! And the love affair is mutual. With mom now working full time she is also in ...more

(Monday, April 7 2008)

Here we are....#5! How did we get so far, so fast?! McKinley is definately looking forward to this one. To her 5 is a magical number that unlocks all of the things she''s not been able to do ...more

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Uncie Dougie (Wednesday, February 13 2008)

It''s about time you started sending out your own letters by email. Get on that computer and play. Brice and Sam are coming to see you soon. Go play and have a HAPPY day. Love ye!

Uncie Dougie (Tuesday, December 18 2007)

Hay Baby I guess you might see this before you get here and maybe not. I hope you beat the email and get here first. It won''t be long now before Santa comes so you better be good. Oh ...more

Uncie Dougie and Paula (Wednesday, November 14 2007)

Hope the names are spelled correctly. Hey Mac, just saw the pictures and videos, when is the next concert? Uncie Dougie said that you should have went as the devil for Halloween. When did you turn ...more

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